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Grand Rapids Harley-Davidson

2977 Corporate Grove Drive
Directions Hudsonville, MI 49426

  • Sales: (877) 596-6387
  • Service: (877)-818-0230
  • Parts: (877) 867-4149

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  • Craig "Archie" Archambault
    Divison Director

    Current Bike: Street Glide

    Craig has always had a passion for anything and everything that has a motor, from bikes to boats! His need for speed began at a young age as he has been riding motorcycles and snowmobiles since the age of 5. As most of you know with such daring interests a few broken bones are almost a guarantee, and he has had way more than his share in his lifetime! Adding to his passion he spent his spare time racing motocross all over Michigan from his late teens into his early 20's. It does not stop there; he has raced snow mobiles, go-karts, and cars. This passion for racing has been passed onto his children as one of their favorite pastimes as they raced go-karts and cars over their childhood and teen years growing up.  If Craig isn't feeding his need for speed you can find him enjoying a nice plate of Italian food! His favorite phrase is "no problem" and I think we could all get along with that mindset. 

  • Hope Anderson
    General Manager

    How Many Years with Harley: 8 Years
    Favorite thing about working for GRHD: GR HOG! 
    Dream Motorcycle: 2006 Deuce :)
    Hobbies or Past-time: Spending time with my kiddos and family, fishing, and riding.
    Favorite Quote: "Whatever we accomplish belongs to our entire group, a tribute to our own combined effort. -Walt Disney

  • Evan Walker
    Graphic Designer

    Hometown: Plantersville, Mississippi

    How Many Years with Harley: 8 Years

    Favorite thing about working for GRHD: The people. The crew is second to none and our customers are literally the best. It's awesome.

    Dream Motorcycle: New Harley XG750R Flat Tracker

    Hobby or pass-time: Rebuilding old Motorcycles that shouldn't be rebuilt.

    Favorite Quote: "That word, I don't think it means what you think it means…" I Montoya

  • Justin "Eagle Master" Etemi
    eMarketing Representative

          Hometown: Watervliet, MI

    How Many Years with Harley: 5
    Favorite thing about working for GRHD: Going to bed at night smelling of burnt rubber and freedom.
    Dream Motorcycle: '77 H-D CR 1000
    Hobbies or Past-time: Comics, beer, and my motorcycle
    Favorite Quote: "Somewhere in a dark cellar somewhere is a painting of Steven Segal becoming more talented."

  • Bethany Nelson
    Event Coordinator

    Hometown: Middleville, MI

    How Many Years with Harley: One year and counting...
    Favorite thing about working for GRHD: Our events, all of my coworkers, and our Harley customers. All of which are super stellar. 
    Dream Motorcycle: A Harley bad boy- with a side car for my dog (Batman). Oh, and I want it made of diamonds.
    Hobbies or Past-time: Wedding planning, being sarcastic, sewing, kayaking, whiskey, puns, and posting stuff on social media.
    Favorite Quote: "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." -Mae West

  • Alex Foster
    Event Coordinator/ Riding Academy

    Hometown: Saint Joseph
    How Many Years with Harley: Just started!
    Favorite thing about working for GRHD: How fun and welcoming everyone is!
    Dream Motorcycle: 2017 V-rod Muscle!
    Hobbies or Past-time: Yoga and Baking
    Favorite Quote: "You have to be where you are to get where you need to go." -Amy Poehler

  • Sean McHugh
    Customer Experience Adviser for the BDC

    Home Town: South Haven, MI

    How many years with Harley: 0.167 Years

    Favorite thing about working for GRHD: I get to ride my bike to work whenever I want!

    Dream Motorcycle:
    H-D…  2017 CVO Street Glide in Dark Slate/Arctic Black
    Adventure…  2017 Honda Africa Twin in Red White and Blue
    For fun…  2017 Kawasaki Z125 Pro in Green

    Hobby or Pass-time: Spending time on my boat with my wife and friends, riding my H-D with my wife on trips up north

  • Bernie Northouse
    Building Maintenance

          Hometown: Caledonia, MI

    How Many Years with Harley: 6
    Favorite thing about working for GRHD: Talking to the people who come in here.
    Dream Motorcycle: The one I have is just fine- 1995 Heritage Softail
    Hobbies or Past-time: Summer- Bike Riding, Fall- Hunting, Winter- Going to the cabin, start the wood stove and relax
    Favorite Quote: I have found as I get older  "We reap what we sow."  

  • Jerrod Olson
    Warranty Administrator

          Hometown: Kalamazoo, MI

    How Many Years with Harley: 6
    Favorite thing about working for GRHD: Helping get products out to happy customers!
    Dream Motorcycle: Captian America's 1942 H-D WLA 'Liberator'
    Hobbies or Past-time: Play video games and writing fantasy novels
    Favorite Quote: "When you do things right, people wont be sure you've done anything at all."

  • Lisa Flannery

    Hometown: Byron Center

    How Many Years with Harley: New Hire!
    Favorite thing about working for GRHD: The People
    Dream Motorcycle: 1972 Kawasaki H2 Drag Bike
    Hobbies or Past-time: Drag/ Oval Racing Snowmobiles 

  • Eileen Bennett

    Hometown: Jenison

    How Many Years with Harley: New Hire- Been here two months
    Favorite thing about working for GRHD: The 'celebrations' when a new bike is purchased!
    Dream Motorcyle: Street Glide FLHX- Crushed Ice Pearl
    Hobbies or Past-time: travel, reading, geneology 
    Favorite Quote: Sometimes you have to know what you don't want to know what you do.

  • Russ Leonard Jr.
    Riding Academy Coach

    Ride: 2010 Road Glide
    In the Industry Since: 2008
    Russ loves Harley-Davidson so much that he named his daughter, "Harley." He's one of our instructors for our Riding Academy, and students could not be in better hands.  He's got 34 years under his belt as a professor of automotive engineering, and he even owns an HD truck.

  • Bill Leonard
    Riding Academy Coach

    Ride: 2013 Street Glide
    In the Industry Since: 2009
    With 40 years of riding experience, we would be hard-pressed to find someone with more experience to teach at our Riding Academy.  Don't be surprised if you hear laughing coming from the H.O.G. room during class because Bill likes things to be "light and easy" - which calms the nerves for some of our first time Harley riders.  Just be careful if he invites you to play a round of paintball, we hear he's pretty a pretty good shot.