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Meet the Parts & Service Team

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  • Adam Rossell
    Parts Manager

    Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

    How Many Years with Harley: 7
    Favorite thing about working for GRHD: Who wouldn't love working around a bunch of Harley's with a bunch of friends?
    Dream Motorcycle: I like mine. 2016 FXDB
    Hobbies or Past-time: Guitar playing, and comic book reading.
    Favorite Quote: "The very existence of flamethrowers proves that sometime, somewhere, someone said to themselves, 'You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I am just not close enough to get the job done.'" -George Carlin

  • Ryan Clay

    Hometown: Grandville, MI

    How Many Years with Harley: Few months
    Favorite thing about working for GRHD: Working on Motorcyles
    Dream Motorcycle: Ducati
    Hobbies or Past-time: Military, Motorcycle Racing
    Favorite Quote: If you can't do it right the first time, don't do it at all.

  • Josh Giebel
    Parts Specialist

          Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

    How Many Years with Harley: 4
    Favorite thing about working for GRHD: The people.
    Dream Motorcycle: 1936 Harley- Davidson EL
    Hobbies or Past-time: Motorcycles, and Rock and Roll
    Favorite Quote: 
    "No such thing as spare time
     No such thing as free time
     No such thing as down time
     All you got is life time
     Go." - Henry Rollins

  • Steve Hunter
    Parts Specialist

          Hometown: Simi Valley, CA

    How Many Years with Harley: 1 1/2
    Favorite thing about working for GRHD: Being around bikes for a living
    Dream Motorcycle: 1949 Hydra Glide
    Hobbies or Past-time: Art and Screen Printing
    Favorite Quote: "Be truthful, Gentle, and Fearless." -Ghandi

  • Greg Kroll
    Parts Specialist

          Hometown: Vicksburg, MI

    How Many Years with Harley: 3
    Favorite thing about working for GRHD: The People
    Dream Motorcycle: Confederate Motorcycles- G2P51 Combat Fighter
    Hobbies or Past-time: Camping, whitewater kayaking, and snowboarding
    Favorite Quote: "The real reason that we can't have the Ten Commandments in a courthouse; You cannot post 'thou shall not steal', 'thou shalt not commit adultery', and 'thou shalt not lie' in a building full of lawyers, judges and politicians. I creates a hostile work environment." George Carlin.

  • DJ Reyers
    Service Manager

          Hometown: Cedar Springs

    How Many Years with Harley: 10
    Favorite thing about working for GRHD: The fun people and atmosphere 
    Dream Motorcycle: I love the comfortable ride of the Fat Bob
    Hobbies or Past-time: If I could live on a Golf Course, I would.
    Favorite Quote: "To improve is to change; To be perfect is to change often." -Winston Churchill

  • Jimmy Eddy
    Service Advisor

    Ride: 2014 FLHXS
    In the Industry Since: 2006
    He has several names:  Jimmy… Eddy…or… Jimmy Eddy.  The only one that might throw us off would be "James."  Jimmy's pony tail makes him easy to find in the shop, his unparalleled knowledge of bikes make him rock solid with our customers, but his love for his two goats, Minnie and Cheeseburger?  (They are actually really cute- ask him to see the pictures!)

  • Shae Applebee
    Service Advisor

          Hometown: Flint, MI

    How Many Years with Harley: 1 yr
    Favorite thing about working for GRHD: The Harley's
    Dream Motorcycle: 2016 Fat Bob
    Hobbies or Past-time: Hunting and Fishing
    Favorite Quote: "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right!"

  • Brandon McHugh
    Service Advisor

    We don't know many people who grow their own hop for beer, but Brandon is one of them.  He was part of a traveling diving team in high school (not too shabby, Brandon!), but he says his diving days are safely in the past.  Now you can find Brandon playing softball or volleyball when he's not at work, but that's not very often!  Brandon is a pillar of our dealership, and his knowledge and experience in working on Harleys is just one of the reasons people know they can trust our service department.

  • Jason VanderPlaats

          Hometown: Zeeland, MI

    How Many Years with Harley: 3
    Favorite thing about working for GRHD: The people I work with.
    Dream Motorcycle: 1980 FXB Sturgis Edition
    Hobbies or Past-time: Working on my own bikes, and building things.
    Favorite Quote: "Life is a garden, dig it." 

  • Dustin Hedin
    Service Technician

    In the Industry Since: 2011

    You may want to keep your eyes and ears peeled as Dustin is a locally known karaoke superstar! If he is not belting out the hottest hit, he may be playing guitar or listening to record as his passion for music is endless. He also dabbles in the occasional backyard wrestling match, although it may involve one of his 3 beloved kids. He loves to spend time with his kids and his beautiful wife Rebecca. - Go TIGERS!! 

  • Noah Newhouse
    Shop Foreman

    Ride: 1971 Honda 50 Mini Trail
    In the Industry Since: 2004
    We're pretty sure Noah would win the contest for "Most Bikes Owned By  A Harley Employee."  He owns 10 of them!  He also collects Nutcrackers, and although we can't confirm with pictures, he assures us he had a "Super sweet mullet." (We're just hoping this was in the 80's). He loves spending time with his family, he loves to travel, and he is an animal love.  We're lucky to have him on our staff!

  • Scott "Skooter" Fouse
    Service Technician

    Ride: 2011 Street Glide FLHX
    In the Industry Since: 2008
    He'll answer to either Scott or Skooter, and he's part of a top - notch team of technicians that makes our dealership run.  He's an animal lover, he loves bonfires on the beach and he loves being a grandpa!

  • Sean Sawyer

    Hometown: Grand Rapids

    How Many Years with Harley: 0+
    Favorite thing about working for GRHD: Family atmosphere, and the motorcyles
    Dream Motorcyle: '89 FXRS
    Hobbies or Past-time: building bikes, tattooing, spending time with friends
    Favorite Quote: SKOL

  • Alec Hammond

          Hometown: Holland, MI

    How Many Years with Harley:  Under 1 year
    Favorite thing about working for GRHD: The passion and joy everyone has for motorcycles and the community around it.
    Dream Motorcycle: 2016 Triumph Thruxton R
    Hobbies or Past-time: Musician- Guitar/Bass
    Favorite Quote: "Life is too short, so love the one you got." -Sublime